Why Did Lil Durk And India Royale Break Up?

Following this announcement, the rumors of Lil Durk and India Royales’ breakup became wild like a forest fire. The rumors started as fans noticed that India deleted his Instagram posts featuring Lil Durk shortly after the Back In Blood rapper deleted his whole account. India’s girlfriend, Royale, supposedly also unfollowed the Chicago rapper, but Durk was still following her on Instagram. India Royale allegedly tweeted India Royale is a free agent, causing Lil Durk & Lil Durk rumors of an end, according to an Instagram post by The Shade Room from Sunday, Sept. 11.

Late on Saturday (9/10), her longtime collaborator, India Royale, tweeted, I’m a free agent, which caused some followers to raise their eyebrows and question the state of her relationship with the 7220 rappers. After seeing a few people questioning the status of Lil Durk’s relationship, Lil Durk decided to end the buzz on Twitter. After several comments from popular rapper Lil Durk fans asking if he was talking about his girlfriend, India, or not, the rapper quickly came to Royale’s defense and cleared the air, saying these tweets were not about her.

Early Sunday morning, her beau tweeted something that made Twitter users do double takes. Many thought these tweets were directed at India Royale, even though Lil Durk did not provide the context behind them. He said at the time, India Royale did not cheat me, he got 1,000000 to pay for it, & he respects himself 2much. The duo would never let the internet tear down our house, though. You can all just keep trying, tho.

On Thursday, rumors started to swirl the pair had broken up after Durk unfollowed India on Instagram. If there is anything Lil Durk wants fans to know about India, it is that despite the rumors, the pair are still going strong.

It was not too long ago when users discovered that the rapper Lil Durk and influencer India Kox had also recently unfollowed the young couple on Instagram, fueling speculation the pair had separated. Similar to the situation, after stories began to spread about Rap Star Lil Durk betraying influencer India Cox online, the young couple unfollowed each other. Fans quickly checked out Instagram accounts of the 27-year-old star, who showed she was no longer following Lil Durk, but Lil Durk was still following her.

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