Rihanna is growing her realm indeed. The pop star plunked down $10 million for a 5,000-square-foot home in California

The Tudor-style house is right nearby to the recently redesigned, 8,000-square-foot manor she bought for $13.75 million toward the finish of a year ago

Rihanna's beauty care products and mold brands have laid out her as the world's most well off female performer with a total assets of $600 million

The two properties, situated in the elegant Beverly Slopes Mail center area, were bought through trusts

Evan Jehle,a individual from the Worldwide Warning Leading body of Rihanna's Clara Lionel Establishment, is recorded as a legal administrator on deeds for the two exchanges

The principal property the star was a white chateau with a seamed dark rooftop that gives it a cutting edge farmhouse feel — got a total update by financial backer Daniel Starr

The remodeled home should be visible from the grounds of Rihanna's later securing, as per pictures of the property

Rihanna as of late taken action back to the U.S. from London, where she'd been leasing a rich Victorian manor in the city's tony St. John's Wood area

her new Tudor-style home offers five rooms and five washrooms, uncovered roof pillars and wood subtleties all through, a sauna, half-b-ball court and pool

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