Under a month after the truth star's presentation on the sketch satire show, Kardashian was spotted with Davidson at Knott's Frightening Ranch.

November 2021

November 2021

Kim and Davidson were found in his local Staten Island toward the beginning of November, eating at the café Campania.

December 2021

The couple kept on standing out as truly newsworthy for different trips on the East Coast and West Coast through the rest of 2021

January 2022

The pair started off the new year with a hurricane excursion to the Bahamas. The excursion came days

March 2022

"I have not recorded with [Pete]," she told the power source. "What's more, I'm in favor of it. It's simply not what he does.

April 2022

the truth star uncovered exactly the way that serious she is about Davidson. "I'm a relationship sort of young lady, without a doubt

April 2022

Davidson went to The Kardashians debut with his sweetheart, and the team clasped hands upon appearance. "I'm simply so blissful he's here,"

May 2022

"Everybody in Kim's family totally reveres Pete and loves Pete for Kim. He fits in so well with her life and with her loved ones,"

June 2022

This is the way it went down with me and Pete. I did Saturday Night Live and afterward when we kissed in a scene it was only an energy. I was like, 'Goodness s-t

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