In a progression of sound messages presented on Instagram Saturday, the pop princess tended..

to her stressed relationship with children Jayden and Sean Preston Federline

"I used to have my children at one point far more than (ex Kevin Federline)," Lances said

From when they were 6 to 9 years of age I had them 70% of the time, and in the course since they've been no more

I've really felt like a gigantic piece of me has kicked the bucket and like I have no reason any longer

I anticipated seeing them. That was the very thing that I lived for, and afterward out of nowhere they were no more

I was like, 'Did my heart quit thumping?' And truly, I fail to really see how it's so natural for them just to remove me like that

Lances offered a quick reply to her child's remarks on Instagram yesterday

On the off chance that you can genuinely pause for a minute or two and say with your reasonable splendid brain how memaw and paw treated me was fine and call them not terrible individuals...

then yes I have flopped as a mother and ideally that is a visit for yourself as well as your dad to sit eye to eye and attempt to learn WHAT'S Great

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