Rebecca Balding, the Actor of ‘Soap’ and ‘Charmed,’ Has Died at Age 73

Rebecca Balding, the veteran stage and screen actress known primarily for her roles on ABCs classic Soap and Charmed, died on Monday after battling ovarian cancer. Balding died in Park City Monday following a battle with ovarian cancer, announced her husband of 41 years, screenwriter-director-producer James L. Conway. Actress Rebecca Balding – known for her roles on televisions Soapy and Charmed Soap — died Monday, her husband, actor-director James L. Conway, told Deadline.

Actress Rebecca Balding, who played Charmed on Soap, is survived by her husband, James L. Conway, whom she met when auditioning for The Boogens, the 1981 horror film, and daughters Sarah and Kathleen, as well as her grandchildren. Balding is known primarily for her roles in the first two seasons of soap operas, from 1977 to 1979. From 1978-1980, Rebekah Balding had one of her most memorable roles in the Golden Girls created by Susan Harris, playing Carol David, a lawyer who repeatedly attempts, and ultimately succeeds, in seducing the pioneering gay character of Billy Crystal, Jodie Dallas.

Balding is known for playing Carol David, the lawyer who has Jodies (Billy Crystal) children, does not show up to their wedding and abducts their daughter after Jodie is awarded custody, in ABCs Soap, which ran for four seasons between 1977 and 1981. Balding played attorney Carol David in Soap, who seduced a gay young woman named Jodie (Billy Crystal) and fell pregnant, then ran to join a rodeo and left Jodie to raise her children. In addition to appearing alongside Ed Asner for three episodes on Lou Grant, Balding also played her own daughter in The Gathering, a 1977 Christmas television film, and also in its 1979 sequel.

In addition to her work in television, Balding spent time working in horror films, including the 1979 slasher The Silent Scream and the 1981 monster movie The Boogens, where she met her husband, James L. Conway, director of the films, at an audition. Rebecca Balding, an experienced stage and television actress, best known as Rebekah Balding, worked on the TV show Clean Soap and the one-time hit Charmed, on July 18, in Park City, Utah.

Rebecca Balding, the veteran actress who worked on the TV show Cleaning soap and the original Charmed, died July 18 in Park City, Utah, of ovarian cancer, her husband, James L. Conway, told U.S. publication Deadline. Rebecca Balding, an energy-filled actress who appeared opposite Billy Crystal in Soap and played Alyssa Milano’s boss at a newspaper on the TV show Charmed, has died.

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