King Charles III delivers a speech after Queen Elizabeth’s death

Here’s a look at King Charles IIIs last speech, and all that happened on Friday after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. In his first speech in history after ascending the British throne, King Charles III expressed deep sadness and paid an emotional tribute Friday to his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. On the first full day of his reign after Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday, King Charles III addressed the nation with a pre-recorded address that was almost nine minutes long. King Charles III gave his first speech to the nation on Friday since becoming the new monarch of Britain following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The King recorded the address Friday — his first public remarks after his mother’s death, Queen Elizabeth II — and it seemed like it struck all the right notes, for all the right reasons. The King also made a major announcement in his televised speech, crowning his son, William, as the Prince of Wales, the title he held until the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Despite losing his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, a day earlier, the King leaped to his new duties; he welcomed several dozen members of the public, held an audience with Prime Minister The Lord President, and gave a televised address to the nation.

When he walked into Buckingham Palace for the first time, the British flag, which had been flying at half-mast to show respect for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was replaced by the royal standard, signaling that the King was now residing.

The sadness was palpable in the expression on the face of King Charles III, who gulped down hard, and shook himself into a pose after finishing shooting the film for his first speech as head of state, broadcast on Friday, a day after the queen died aged 96.

During King’s first address, he commented on how his own life will change, as well as the lives of those in his family – noting the change in status from Duke to Duchess Kate as queen consort, and Prince Williams’s takeover of multiple titles previously held by the now-king, including a new role as Duke of Cornwall. King Charles III acknowledged in his first public address that charities and organizations that he had supported or led should now be led by others, as he took on additional roles and constitutional responsibilities as King.

King Charles III has made his first public address, an emotional and pre-recorded address, which began simultaneously with the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral Friday night commemorating his late mother.

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