Emilia Clarke is surprised that she can speak even though parts of her brain are missing after aneurysms

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has opened up about two brain aneurysms that she suffered during the production of the series and says that quite a chunk of her brain is missing. After suffering two life-threatening brain aneurysms, Emilia Clarke is surprised at how she is normally still able to carry on in her life and credits playing a character in Game of Thrones for giving her a sense of direction in these trying times.

Actress Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s series Game of Thrones, recently opened up about two brain aneurysms that Emilia Clarke suffered during the production of the series. After first opening up about the Game of Thrones actor’s experiences with suffering two brain aneurysms back in 2019, Emilia Clarke, who shot to stardom playing Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, recently revealed the two serious health scares caused her to lose part of her brain.

Emilia Clarke

Now, the Game of Thrones star has revealed to BBC that the two major health scares left her with missing parts of her brain. Emilia Clarke suffered her first aneurysm in 2011, in-between seasons of Game of Thrones, and her second in 2013, both requiring long periods of rehabilitation to repair the damage done to her brain.

Emilia Clarke has reportedly suffered aphasia following the two cerebral aneurysms, due to which, at one point, she was unable to remember her name. Clarke added that she was one of the few people who survived such an aneurysm. The 35-year-old actress also said she suffered from aphasia, a condition in which a person has difficulties with language or speaking, and said she was not able to remember her name at one point.

The 35-year-old English actress was 24 years old when she suffered her first aneurysm following the filming of the first season of Game of Thrones, where she continued to star as one of the biggest stars in the popular series until its conclusion after seven seasons in 2019. Emilia Clarke said that she was among a rare group to have survived without any consequences of a brain aneurysm — a weak spot in a blood vessel in the brain that expands and fills with blood, causing bleeding in the brain as it bursts. In an interview on BBCs Sunday Morning, Emilia Clarke shared further details about how she recovered from brain damage, and how fortunate she is to function today.

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