Bitcoin Will Be Worth $1 Million On The Following Date

I am not saying bitcoin is going to hit $1m, $100,000, or some other astronomical price point from here on out. Bobby Lee predicts Bitcoin prices to hit $1 million within five or 10 years, following another couple of bubbles. With this in mind, our 2025 Bitcoin Price Prediction estimates BTC may hit an $80,000 valuation later this year in 2023.

The $1m bitcoin thesis assumes a global Bitcoin total market capitalization of $16.5trn. To get to $1 million Bitcoin, the ARKs report projects Bitcoins market cap reaching $28.5 trillion in 2030, with increased adoption. Based on the 21 million Bitcoins in circulation, that will put a single BTC at $1.36 million, according to the report, “ARKs 2022 Big Idea”.

The report then divided the market capitalization of Bitcoin by the capped 21 million Bitcoin supply, concluding that a single Bitcoin will have a cost of $1.36 million. A new research report gives a price target of $1 million per bitcoin by the end of 2030, while also saying Ethereum’s market capitalization may surpass $20 trillion. In a new research report, US-based investment company ARK Invest has shared bold bitcoin and Ethereum price predictions by the end of this decade.

In terms of Bitcoin price predictions for 2050, it is extremely hard to gauge Bitcoins value so far in advance, because there could be factors in play that can dramatically alter the cryptocurrency market’s landscape. The digital crypto bull’s prediction that bitcoin may reach $1 million is based on several factors, including the cryptocurrency’s scarcity, with a limit of 21 million coins, and also the decentralized nature of the technology.

As the value of cryptocurrencies continues to rise over the past months, an expert has predicted that the most-popular coin, Bitcoin, could end up reaching $1 million USD, according to the most-popular coins’ current trajectory. At $1 million USD per bitcoin, someone who bought Bitcoin today will have made about a 26x profit over its current price of $37,800.

If Bitcoin were priced at $1 million per Coin, this would reflect a 5400% percent gain, for a 54x return. All this is to say since Metals token market capitalization is hovering at about $19 million (Bitcoin, by way of comparison, is around $185 billion), doubling its price does not seem like it will be that big a stretch. Bobby Lee believes Bitcoins price is still just a small part of what Bitcoin could, and will, achieve in future years. Bobby Lee expects several new waves in the coming years, which could push BTC into the $100.000-$200,000 range, or eventually as high as $1 million.

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