Armenia Says at least 49 Soldiers killed In Clashes With Azerbaijan

Armenia said that as many as 49 of its soldiers were killed when the conflict broke out with Azerbaijan. Armenia said on Tuesday nearly 50 of its soldiers had been killed in the worst conflict with Azerbaijan since they warred two years ago, but Russia said it had persuaded the arch-rivals to accept a quick ceasefire. The clashes on the border with Azerbaijan followed Azerbaijani and Armenian ceasefires on Monday after fighting resumed in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Armenia said on Tuesday at least 49 of its troops were killed in clashes along the border with Azerbaijan, in the worst fight between the arch-foes since their war over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region began in 2020. Azerbaijan is the arch-foe of their 2020 war over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Armenia’s leader said Tuesday that at the country’s soldiers were killed in overnight clashes with Azerbaijani forces. An unknown number of Azerbaijani troops were killed early Tuesday morning in deadly clashes on Armenia’s border with Azerbaijan. Armenia and Azerbaijan reported major clashes at their borders on Tuesday, leaving one Azerbaijani soldier dead, the latest flare-up between the bitter enemies.

Last week, Armenia’s defense ministry accused Armenia-Azerbaijan of killing one of its soldiers during the border clashes. Azerbaijan’s defense ministry said that the border clashes with Azerbaijan had killed some Azerbaijani troops, but did not provide the number of victims. Azerbaijan said it suffered losses during clashes as well, without giving several deaths.

In August, Armenia-Azerbaijan said it had lost one of its soldiers, while the Nagorno-Karabakh military said it had lost two soldiers and over a dozen were wounded. Last week, Armenia accused Azerbaijan of killing one of Azerbaijan’s soldiers during border fire. Armenia’s Prime Minister said that 49 soldiers were killed during the Azerbaijani evening assault, according to an Associated Press report.

Shelling broke out minutes after midnight, according to Armenia’s defense ministry, and Azerbaijani forces launched an artillery barrage and drone strikes on multiple parts of Armenian territory. The defense ministry in Yerevan said the clashes with Azerbaijan began in the early hours of Tuesday, and that artillery, mortars, and drones were fired at their territory, which is in the direction of Goris, Sock, and the towns of Jermuk. Fighting broke out across the unstable border between the Caucasus neighbors overnight, leaving troops on both sides dead, Azerbaijan’s defense and Yerevan’s ministries said.

The Azerbaijani defense ministry accused Armenia of conducting large-scale subversive operations close to Dashkesan, Kelbajar, and Lachin districts along the border. The country and Azerbaijan have been fighting since the beginning of 2020 about the neighboring countries’ territorial claims to Nagorno-Karabakh, a small Armenian enclave inside Azerbaijan. During the six-week-long 2020 war, which killed over 6,600 people, Azerbaijan recaptured a significant portion of Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding areas, which had been controlled by Armenia-backed separatists for decades.

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